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One of the first books I pull out during the holiday season is The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry. As a quick refresher, it's the brief look at a husband and wife who go to great lengths to get the other a Christmas gift. If you're traumatized by which version of this masterpiece to snag, might I suggest the one you see above with awesome illustrations by Lisbeth Zwerger. It will be another ornament with which to decorate your home. Or book tree.

P.S. A great gift for that book lover you love.

Watch & Listen
I'm late to the Straight No Chaser game. My lovely coworker, Panda, sat me down in front of the YouTubers last week and in no time I was reveling in the a cappella goodness. They have a great new album, Christmas Cheers to get you in the mood for any and every holiday. Visit their website to hear my favorites - Christmas Can Can and the must-hear-to-believe Flo Rida Medley. But, of course, no version of the 12 Days of Christmas can beat the video above. None.


  1. I'm a YouTube/Viral Media junkie and loved Straight No Chaser! I'll have to be sure to share.


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