The Post About Bowling With Perseverance

I do not claim to be an athlete.

Even though I have the resting heart rate of one.

That may have something to do with my 2 hour reaction to watching So You Think You Can Dance each week. Because I do think I can.

But one sport that's always eluded me is this:

Imperfect Form
Note the shocked realization that the 6 pound ball has actually left my hand. Stare closely at my hand position which seems to indicate I pushed it overhand down the lane.

What was the result?

Strike Imminent

Then what was the result?

Strike Celebration
It's amazing what you can get a gal to do when she is uber-competitive.

I won that round against my coworkers with a 108.

Life lesson? Surround yourself with mediocrity.

And do more lunges so you can stand after post-strike break-dancing.

{images: Elaine Friel}

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