The Post About Project 365: Day Two

I may have lied to you yesterday. I ranted about how I wasn't going to resolve.

But I am.

I'm participating in
Project 365, a picture a day photography project.

I'm trying to capture some moments. And possibly become better at taking pictures in the process. Because right now, I stink at photographing anything that breathes.

Or moves.

Or has an attitude.

We'll see if that changes.

I may post the results every day or every other day or once a week. I'll let my mood dictate the rules. I also make no guarantees regarding quality. Remember what I said about things that move. Plus, some photos may be taken by Konrad and some by Bugs. And they have different skill levels.

Here's #2:

Kisses - 01/02/10
These candies are one my major food groups. They can be found in three rooms in my house just in case I need to eat my feelings and not walk so far.

{image: Jamie - part of my Project 365. All previous photos can be found at Flickr.}


  1. That's a great photo, Jamie! This is a great idea, I know someone else who's doing this project too. I'll follow your photostream!

    I *might* give it a whirl - I took some photos yesterday and currently have 4 hours to decide if I want to take a photo today and keep it going. I *did* resolve to take more photos this year...

  2. p-b: First, thank you! You SHOULD give it a whirl. I would love the continued inspiration! Whip out a lens and shoot something before it turns into a pumpkin!

  3. Hey Jamie!
    That is a great I idea that I may have to get in on also. Maybe I can stick to it this year.

  4. TS: Even MORE inspiring - you must, you must...

  5. I'm baaaack! Got in *just* under the wire. Off to make a new photoset in flickr!

  6. Cool..I'm trying to loose a pound a day for the next 40 :-) your latest photo is not helping LOL

  7. That sounds like fun! Can't wait to see the results :)

  8. p-b: I can't wait to follow your stream!

    CB: So sorry! Sadly, yummy food will probably make more than a random appearance in my project...

    lms: I'm glad we're now connected on flickr!

  9. Hershey should buy that pic from you. It makes me want to run out and buy me some. YUM!!!

  10. S: I'm glad it could inspire you. I would be willing to be paid in candy by Hershey's for the pic...


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