The Post About Signing Out for the Storm

I'm Out.
I'm not at work. I won't be there tomorrow. And maybe not Friday.

I haven't rebelled. No stolen post-it notes.
No torrid affair with one of the only 4 male employees.

I'm out because Winter Storm Twenty-Ten is coming. Two inches of snow is making its way to sweet home Alabama.

But we will overcome.

Because we have milk and bread and a National Championship to win.

{image: Jamie - part of my Project 365. All previous photos can be found at Flickr.}


  1. I'm just glad that I know all of the names of your co-workers now so that I can stalk them.

  2. "No torrid affair with one of the only 4 male employees."

    That's exactly what someone having an affair WOULD say.

    It would be damaging to my health to drive across the interstate at 4 and then again closer to midnight in the anticipated weather. So I've already decided I'm not going to do it. I should probably tell my supervisor.


  3. C: Don't think they won't appreciate the attention...

    S: I do not protest too much. I support you staying cozy at home. People will not be buying the best things you sell anyhow.

  4. Wow. You work with K. Hummel... many Glee jokes floating around?

  5. KO: Not as many as I'd like. I'm always asking her to sing "Single Ladies" and she doesn't get it. She's in her late 50's, but also a sex therapist.


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