The Post About Your a Looser

Crimson Tide Cake Pop

Caryann: I get really annoyed by grammatical errors.

Jamie: It's always the ones like "It's/Its" or "There/They're/Their" or "Effect/Affect" that get folks messed up.

Caryann: I want to correct some people but I know they might get their feelings hurt.

Jamie: What I don't understand is "Lose" and "Loose." How do you get those mixed up?

Caryann: What did you say?

Jamie: "LOSE" and "LOOSE."

Caryann: Do you mean "lose" like Alabama is going to lose to Texas in the National Championship?

Jamie: No, I mean "loose" like Caryann is loose like a harlot.

May the SEC overcome it's its enemies.

{image: Jamie}


  1. That made me laugh.

  2. That was mean but oh so funny!

  3. S: It made us laugh when we said it. We think we're hilarious but don't think it always translates to logical adults. Glad to know this one did... I just gave
    you a compliment.

    M: Folks who have hung out with us have always reached that conclusion. Thankfully, we save most of the meanness for each other and a select
    group of sarcastic friends :-)

  4. AND it STILL makes me laugh when I read it. We're hilarious, I don't care what anybody says.

  5. Made me laugh too! Did you make those Football suckers? YUM How'd you do it?

  6. C: Here, here.

    CH: I DID make them! If you visit www.bakerella.com and click on the section called "cake pops", you will learn about the magic. She doesn't have these specific ones, but you can shape them into anything you want, like footballs...

  7. Lose/Loose is my LEAST FAVORITE GRAMMATICAL ERROR EVER!!!! It drives me insane.

    Too bad Caryann's team loosed.


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