The Post About My Heart Will Go On

Cake Pops with a Heart
Last week during a party at my house, my friend Kara asked "Where are your Tums?"

"Umm...I'm not 48. I've never had heartburn or indigestion."

Who knew my arrogance was God's cue to intervene?

The very next night I found myself tucked away in a hotel room during a business trip. Since work was covering costs, I ordered crabcakes lounging on a fluffy bed of fried green tomatoes. Since Marriott was covering costs, I turned up the heat and took to a fluffy bed of down feathers.

At approximately 1:30am, I awoke with chest pain. The type of pain that prompts self-administered CPR and dancing about in a nightshirt and bargaining with God in a way only deemed fit when blue lights appear in a rearview.

And then I realized something.

This pain might require a trip to the hospital.

So I got my priorities straight. I immediately put on my cute jeans, popped in my contacts and dabbed a little concealer under my sleepy eyes. And waited for the sign that a 911 was in order.

But there was no sign. The tightness and burning subsided. And the sleepy took over.

I guess I am 48, after all.

{image: Jamie}


  1. What I learned from this is that you freely spend donated money on fried foods, protect the environment only when it involves your money, and the 30s are the new 40s. Congratulations, you are me.

  2. HA...that is how my gall bladder attacks started....welcome to my world! :-)

  3. C: These are all fair assessments.

    BR: Uh oh. I shall be googling gall bladder.


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