The Post About The Old Rugged & Candied Cross

Umm... This is not okay.

You are to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior by eating Reese's Easter Eggs and Marshmallow Peeps.


So spill - what's your preferred Easter treat?

{image: Jamie}


  1. "There's room at the delicious chocolate cross for you."

    Yeah, I'd say that's pushing it...

    I like the little malted milk mini eggs, and any seasonal reconfiguration of Reese's peanut butter cups.

    Peeps and Cadbury eggs I'm really not that crazy about.

    Also, I have a soft spot for those really cheap, awful hollow chocolate bunnies, even though I'm pretty sure they're like %80 wax, %17 sugar, %2 cocoa, and 1% "other"

  2. I'm a Cadbury Egg girl ALL THE WAY!

  3. Yay you added a picture of yourself! You're too cute not to be seen, lovely girl.

    Ok, so my fav Easter treat is hands down REESE'S Eggs.

  4. The Starburst jelly beans! SO GOOD. I also loveee the double chocolate filled Cadbury eggs. I'll also eat a caramel filled one if necessary.

  5. p-b: As long as Reese's puts that peanut butter in something, I'm happy. We need a TOMB filled with it and you could roll away the chocolate top.

    J: So rich = so good.

    T: {blushing} Yay for Reese's!

    l: YES - those jellybeans really do trump the Jelly Bellies.

  6. I tend to over do it with the Cadbury Creme eggs this time of year.

    No really, I gain about 5 pounds worth of chocolate covered gooey deliciousness.

  7. I ditto the Cadberry Eggs! The original, not that crazy caramel stuff that they have come up with.

    Hurry to Target, they have the 4 packs 2/$4! YUM!!

  8. S: The problem is that weight tends to actually be gooey on the hips or thighs.

    K: Thank you for the savings tip! Target can be on the way home...

  9. So the chocolate cross does seem a bit... much.

    I am all about anything peanut butter and chocolate related. That's my normal weakness of choice, and the eggs available at Easter have more peanut butter, which makes them more better. Yes. More better. (I would totally buy a Reese's tomb with roll-away chocolate rock. Why no one has done that yet is a mystery.)

    John is hooked on the Willy Wonka jelly beans that are covered in crushed up Nerds. I loved them last year, however pregnant me cannot deal with them.

  10. Ummm...I'm so with you on that one. A chocolate cross? Not so much. My favorite easter candy is the reese cup eggs.

  11. Jesus is the reason for the season. Therefore, he is the reason for my acne.

  12. 1. Cadbury Carmel Eggs
    2. Cadbury Carmel Eggs
    3. Cadbury Carmel Eggs

  13. KO: "More better" is the best term evah.

    oe: Thank you for that "Amen."

    C: Needs to be stiched on a pillow.

    WAI: I like that you don't show favoritism :-)

  14. Reese's Eggs! AND Cadbury Mini Eggs - the little chocolate ones with the candy shell...may sound like M&M's but no no - they are much better!

  15. Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for our sins. I will always remember by partaking in this yummy chocolate cross, Amen.

    My favorite Easter treat is forgiveness but following closely behind are Dove truffle eggs. Praise be!


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