The Post About Avoiding Your Call

During my training yesterday on social media, one participant lamented they would rather folks just call them on the phone.

I joked "I really only use my phone for the Internet."

There's always truth in jest.

I'm not a phone person.
There might be only 4 people I talk to on the telephone more than once a month. Two of them birthed me and say I'm legally obligated to ring them up.

Sidebar about that:
My Mom and Dad get sad when I don't call every couple of days. However, even if I DO call, they say it doesn't count unless I talk to each of them. So if I call and speak to Mom on Monday and Dad on Wednesday; when I talk to Mom on Friday she charges that I haven't called since Monday. They became one in marriage 40 years ago, but they don't actually share very well.

I prefer email, text messages,
Facebook wall posts, Twitter direct messages, and comments on my blog over calling me on the telephone.

When that ringtone starts, whether it's a classic bell or Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody - I furrow my brow.

Can't we just write one another?
It's so much quicker and more efficient.

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  1. LOL I can relate. Personally I would prefer to email or Facebook friends rather than talk on the phone. The only people I really talk to would be my mother and my husband (only when it's something we can't type out in 140 chars or less to each other, LOL!!).

  2. N: I regularly email people who are in the office next door. No condemnation here.

  3. Really? I don't mind the phone. Sometimes messages are easier but really I prefer to just pick up the phone. To each his/her own!!!

  4. M: I know - it's crazy, right? Phones are just not my thing. But now, I'll know to call you if I need you :-)

  5. Hmmm...I'll be sure not to call you again. Since you obviously hate it so much. However, I do need one last call for you to explain how your father birthed you. I'm very interested in that. All these years of friendship and I had no idea.

  6. I am not a phone person or a text person. I like emails so I can have a record of what people have said. I wouldn't mind texts so much if I did not have to use the number pad on my cell phone. I think it is time for an upgrade to keep up with everybody.


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