The Post About Gubernatorial Babies

DSC_4358 copy
I don't know this child.

We happened to be sharing the same library space - our eyes met and a scrapbook moment was born.

This is the type of nugget getting kissed in Alabama right about now because 11 folks are running for governor. A dermatologist, a construction sales rep, an inventor, a financial analyst, and other experts in irrelevant fields.

And each of them has raided the couch cushions for just enough money to put ridiculous ads on TV. And most begin with "I'm the son of a humble {blue collar profession.}

What do you do if you're the child of a mystery shopper or rodeo clown or fortune cookie writer?

Kiss more babies.

{image: Jamie}


  1. I would sure kiss that baby! Adorable.

  2. I'm a coal miner's daughter. (No, really)

  3. MH: I thought so!

    DC: Then running for political office is definitely in your future!

  4. Oh my, that baby is ADORABLE!

  5. Maybe this time I will be a Republicrat. How about that?!

  6. J: I'm a cute baby stalker.

    kk: I really like that... Compromise.


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