The Post About Pesky Pests in the Garden

I'm back. Back from flat Texas and rough road Oklahoma and Clintonesque Arkansas and greasy Tennessee.

Road trip recap arrives tomorrow.

While I was gallivanting all over the heated interstate, my yard was thriving.

Green Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are the crown and glory.

Purple Hydrangeas
The jewels are colorful.

Blue Hydrangeas
And fluffy. Yes, jewels can be fluffy.

I'm road-weary.

Hydrangeas Too
But there is a danger lurking.

And the predator wraps its hair in toilet paper, eats dinner at 5pm and is known most often as "Nana."

She will lie in wait until she's sure the risks of capture are at a minimum.

And then she pounces. And prunes.

My only line of defense is to convert these flower bushes into touchscreen phones that play Kanye on a loop.

Then she's sure to stay away.

{images: Jamie}


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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