The Post About On The Road Again

I'm boarding a plane to Amarillo right this second.

So I can hop in a Honda and drive back to Birmingham.

There will be stops in Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Memphis, and Nashville. And anywhere else boasting the biggest ball of twine or boiled peanuts.

This quick trip is thanks to my friend Caryann moving from California to Tennessee for new employment. I will be in the passenger seat for just under 1000 miles. We'll be staying with her family along the way.

How did she bribe me?

Yoda and Chewie Pez
With good Pez.

Darth and Trooper Pez
And Pez from the dark side.

Note from Caryann
She threw in some advice for good measure.

Follow me on Twitter for mile by mile marker updates...

{images: Jamie}


  1. I would pay five American dollars to be a fly in the car with you and Caryann on a road trip of proportions this epic.


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