The Post About Sleeping Away a Longer Life

I am surprisingly healthy.

Surprising since I swim in a genetic pool that includes high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and premature white hair. That last one seems to be my floaty of choice.

Also surprising since I have been shaped like an apple since I fell for Benji Knight in the 3rd grade.

Love will add on the pounds.

Recently, I went to a health fair and discovered:
  • Blood pressure - great
  • Cholesterol - great
  • Blood sugar - great
  • Bone density - great
My pill-popping consists solely of a multi-vitamin and the occasional ADD pill for those days when meetings make me want to stab someone with a Bic.

So what's the key to my good health?

I posed that very question to my general practitioner and she confidently guessed "sleep."

She said the consequences of bad health habits can be delayed by almost 10 years if you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

I love to sleep. I crave it like a smoker craves one more drag.
Or a drag queen craves a smokin' pair of pumps.

I can make it through long days, just by repeating the mantra "You'll get to sleep late on Saturday."

On Sundays, I wake up extra early for Jesus, say "Hi" and then immediately think "I can't wait for my Sunday nap." I can prompt instant hyperventilation at the very thought of birthing children who will selfishly steal my drug of choice.

I walk fast, talk fast, type fast, eat fast, and watch TV fast to support the theory: Get more done while awake, sleep even longer.

And now I have medical support for my addiction.

Do you get enough sleep? Why or why not?

{image: StreetFly JZ}

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