The Post About Spelling It Out

I'm back.

I have been to adoption camp and I have overcome.

It was actually delightful. I'll share what I learned later this week.

Lesson #4: Don't turn your back on a kid with a stick. Especially if "baby got back."

Now for some randomness related to spelling.

First, I love
Words With Friends. My user name is "Words15." Come find me and we'll play indefinitely.

I brought the heat yesterday with this mother of a game starter.

WWF Jackpot
Please ignore the fact I used a word of which I have no knowledge. Mom, I pinky swear.

61 points later and Nicolag23 was so over me.


My friend Allison is thoughtful. In all the ways I am not thoughtful. She remembers your birthday and your favorite movie and what size you wear in everything. I'm lucky if I remember we met.

Or dated.

Allison also buys you things. Things you don't hate or want to return.

In honor of a long impending week of camp, she gifted me with my favorite Scrabble
Cheez-its organized in an encouraging fashion.

Scrabble Cheez-It Encouragement
The intentional poor use of you're/your is gravy.

{images: Jamie}


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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