The Post About Voting for The Least Absurd

Alabama Votes
Today is primary day in Alabama. Here are my observations as I anticipate a visit to my local polling place.

1. I'll probably vote in the Republican primary. Not necessarily because that's my affiliation, but because that line is crazy short. And when poll volunteers are fighting cataracts and an irritable bowel, you have to pick your battles.

2. I'll be assessing some candidates based on the names of their children. If they picked some androgynous uncommon maiden name for every one of their kids, they're not the choice for me.

3. I'll vote for any candidate who's referred to his opponents as "thugs and villains." That makes politics seem more like a comic book which I enjoy.

4. I'm more likely to vote AGAINST a candidate than actually FOR a candidate. It just makes sense. {pause - look down - look back up} Does it to you?

5. I will not be happy.
Some races will simply not go my way. And I'll have an inalienable right to whine because of that "I voted" sticker.

Vote. Even if you vote for the wrong candidate.

{image: Jamie}


  1. "Vote. Even if you vote for the wrong candidate." Jamie's MO for 15 years.

  2. J: I'll see your comment and raise you one "Your Mama." And I don't care if she's deceased.

  3. It looks like someone should have voted in their own primary.

  4. It does make sense to me.


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