The Post About My Favorite iPhone Apps

iPhone Home Screen
I love this little gadget. Maybe too much.

I thought I might share the applications I care for more than my plants and my eyebrows.

And then you could suggest some.

Then we would know better and therefore could do better.

I know for a fact that Maya Angelou was referencing technology.

Angry Birds. There's a reason it's the #1 game app in 49 countries. Premise: Angry birds exacting revenge on pigs who stole their eggs. I love it mainly for the sound effects and the swine who taunt me. Cost = $0.99 and worth it.

My Fitness Pal. There are mucho calorie journals, but this one wins a rabbit prize. First, you can join up via the website so no fancy phone required. Huge database of foods that not only tracks calories, but also fat, protein, cholesterol, fiber, and much more. There are inspiring message boards, a place to keep a blog, and you can have a "wall" similar to Facebook. Friends help keep you accountable. If you join or already love it, come find me - jgold15. I've lost 4 lbs thus far. Cost = FREE

Photoshop Mobile. Once you start Photoshopping, it's hard to stop without some methadone. Pictures from your less-than phone camera can be a smidge better with this handy app. Includes basics like cropping, but also has effects, color features, and filters. Plus, you can access you Photoshop online account. Cost = FREE

Evernote. It's a digital post-it note. I use to snap pictures of store displays or anything that inspires a blog post or a work project. I use it to take notes in church. Yep, I'm one of those people - but it's perfect when you want to search for a scripture or great corny joke your pastor told. I use it to record voice memos to remind me of things that don't linger due to all the aspartame I ingest. Best part - it syncs nicely with the Desktop version. Cost = FREE

Nerts. My friends have always called this Solitaire on crack. Very fair. Very fun. Cost = FREE

Movies by Flixter. This is ideal for watching trailers, getting showtimes at your favorite theaters, reading reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and manage your Netflix queue. It's also #1 for a reason. Cost = FREE

So do tell. What apps float your boat?


  1. I am addicted to Words with Friends. Aka Scrabble. :) I play it against my mom or random opponents. I'm 'likelydesign' if you want to play, ha! Games go on for days because you make a move whenever you have a chance.
    The Benjamin Moore app is nice for me to favorite colors I like and can refer to. And Creamy Ice is a free game that's pretty fun!
    I also use it for banking and e-mail as I don't have a smart phone - no At&t here! Just my iPod touch. I love this thing and am commenting from it now! ;)

  2. L: I love WWF too - I found you last night and now we are playing a game - WORDS15. However, you are much smarter than me :-)

  3. Phase 10 - it cost $1.99 but is a great time killer! Totally worth it, especially if you like to play the game. Bejeweled 2 - cost $1.99 - but again worth it. Shazam - if I find a song I like - I turn it on and find out who the artist is. Pandora has a good app too!


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