The Post About Entering the Terrible Two's

How did you celebrate the country's birthday weekend?
A. Inhaled enormous amounts of meat

B. Laid out in the sun

C. Blew things up or watched others do so.

D. Slept longer than a newborn fresh out of the oven.

A, C and D. The sun ages me. I'm trying to pass for 29.

July not only marks the birthday
of America and rapper 50 Cent and the rabies vaccine, but also Jamie's Rabbits.

The blog is turning 2.

This means the following:

  • The blog will be capable of frequent tantrums.
  • It will be unable to sit still for very long.
  • It will show feelings of jealousy.
  • It will point to eyes, ears, and nose when asked.
So, not that much different from my 34-year-old self.

In honor of the development of this blog and its owner - there shall be prizes. First giveaway is tomorrow and new ones will magically appear all month long.

Happy Birthday everyone.

Especially you, Harrison Ford.

{images: Jamie & Paramount Pictures}

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