The Post About Weaning Off Etsy and Jessica Swift

I'm an Estyaholic.

I've had to commit to no more than 30 minutes of browsing per week.

But a half hour is still plenty of time.

Apparently not enough time to exercise or clean out my trunk, but...

Jessica Swift This is All I Need
This is All I Need by Jessica Swift.

An enormous handbag and a good coat of matte foundation is all a girl ever needs.

Jessica Swift Georgia Trees
Georgia Trees by Jessica Swift.

When I went to college in Atlanta, this is exactly what the trees looked like. But I may be remembering them after a hardy gorging of pizza.

Jessica's prints are lovely.

And she did not ask me to say that.

Jessica Swift Business Card

{images: Jamie}


  1. Dude, I love her business cards! Must resist clicking on her link. oops too late.

  2. S: You won't regret the relapse.


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