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Candy Dish
My day job has me staring at the second hand until a big project passes me by next Friday.

I will spend next weekend celebrating with a personal life.

I will spend this weekend eating my feelings.

Whatcha doin' this weekend? Go ahead. I can take it.

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  1. We have UMW School for Missions at church tomorrow, so most of my day will be there. Sunday I have to play catch-up with some necessary but non-fun chore things.

    The two weeks my stepdaughter was here were fun, but threw me way off my schedule.

  2. KO: I hope "class" on Saturday is fab! Just imagine how that nugget inside you is going to mess with your schedule?

  3. Well tonight we're eating dinner with Jon's family. His PA Grandmother is in town and apparently makes pigs-in-a-blanket in a way my southern brain can't comprehend. (It involves cabbage?)

    Saturday, we're watching the Steelers game. Sunday is going to be lazy.

    AND I took Monday off since it's my birthday and while Jonathan is at work I am taking myself on a date to see Eat Pray Love. Sad? I'm pretty excited about it actually.

  4. I'm taking my Christina to the beach tomorrow for a girls weekend with some friends of mine and their daughters. Elizabeth is not invited and will not be invited until she learns how to not head for the horizon without fear or trepidation when faced with a large body of water.

    Get some good work done, Jamie!!


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