The Post About Being Productive

This post is about being productive.

And I have been.

On Monday, I managed to rile up some folks with my
take on babies and where they should or should not hang out. I promise the next baby I see at a wedding can pull my hair and throw petit fours at me without condemnation.

Smores Cupcakes
I conjured up these S'mores Cupcakes. Fudge cake with a graham cracker crust and marshmallow buttercream frosting.

I actually combined three recipes to make these. Email me if you want to have a moment of sharing...

Camera Strap Cover
I let my mum make me this sassy camera strap cover. Here's a

Then I let her use the leftover fabric to make me these sassier coasters.
Here's another tutorial.

And then there was Sam's Club.

A free access weekend gave me two roads diverged in a wood. And I traveled the road that did not include 80 corn dogs in one box.

Mass Consumption
The road I chose did include these.

May the homeless benefit from my weakness.

{images: Jamie}


  1. Girl you are killing me with all these sweets! It's bad enough having to drive by 20 McDonalds here in Atlanta trying to break my Mocha Frappe addiction,and now I see all these sweets your making lol..Just kidding..they do look good and tasty..BTW I love SAM's

  2. Seriously? I'm not sure how these people read your blog before seeing as how they completely lack a sense of humor. They have to realize that their kids are annoying. And you're right, I was totally dilated! Is that TMI?

    Girl scouts honor, if I do not have this baby between now and tomorrow, I will make those cupcakes. And proceed to eat as many as I want!

  3. Those cupcakes look delicious! And your mom is awesome =)

  4. CB: You can look - just don't digest.

    S: I KNEW IT! I'm hoping Blink arrives ASAP.

    S: She is sorta fabulous.


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