The Post About Ricky Gervais and Scott Baio

Things I've pondered in the last few days.

1. Left Lane Drivers.
What is going on with folks who insist on driving in the left lane even when there's no one in the right lane. Am I wrong about this being passing only? I am not.

2. The Miniseries/Made for TV Movie section of the Emmy's.
No offense to Tom Hanks and Jack Kevorkian, but Ricky Gervais was the only highlight of this viewing speed bump.

3. Pink Eye.
My vision is only now recovering from this pesky infection. And you know how I got it? Scott Baio. Name that obscure reference.

4. Door to Door Sales.
Does that work anymore? Do they not watch 48 Hours Mystery or get scary email forwards that warn against answering such knocks?

5. iPhone 4.0.
My phone has a proximity sensor issue which actually causes my face to dial other numbers while talking on the phone. Or open the iPod and start playing Jay-Z. But who needs a working mobile phone when you have Angry Birds and Netflix?

Anything you need to process through in the Comments section?


  1. This totally cracked me up last night. I work with Bucky and he's really a nice, down to earth guy. And when it comes down to it, we're all Bucky Gunts! And you're right, Ricky Gervais was so friggin' funny. the bit about Mel Gibson...wow. lol

  2. P: How cool that you actually work with Bucky! Loved it!

    OF: Umm...that deserves an immediate follow-up comment with a story.

  3. I remember when zombies took over South Park. Everyone thought it was pink eye. Awesome.

  4. J: You win a prize. Wait patiently for it...

  5. I just got done watching the invention of lying about ten minutes ago, then you posted this. I love him, ricky gervais is so funny.

  6. My phone's doing the same damn thing. The old one never did it. It's driving me CRAZY. . I'm so afraid I'll accidentally order something online. Ah well, at least I know I'm not the only one.

  7. d: I'm psyched we share a love for Ricky!

    CH: I'm hopeful the next update fixes our face issues :-)


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