The Post About Southwest Road Trip

In one week I'll be following this blue line with my delightful senior-discounted parents.

And we need your assistance!

Where should we eat? What should we see? How much should we gamble?

Guidelines for your advice:

1. Avoid activities with high risk of injury. We all have our original working hips and would like it to stay that way.

2. Prefer restaurants that are local and yummy. Ambiance does not trump good taste.

3. We are not the Kardashians. No clubbing.

4. We embrace our inner tourists. Everyone wants to visit the largest ball of twine because it's cool.

Your suggestions?


  1. 1. Stay off the interstate as much as possible. Especially I-40. Take Route 66 as it runs beside 40 much of that stretch.
    2. Go to "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" on the food network and search for the places along your route.
    3. Eat a Southwestern Omelette in the Southwest.
    4. Go somewhere that serves Brisket or Beef Ribs.
    5. Play Black Jack. Poker and slots are for suckers. Black Jack is the only game that favors the player. Patience and you can walk out of there with some money.
    6. Stay away from any place with the words "Bunny Ranch" in the title. Tell Jan it is not what she thinks.
    7. Go with the windows down.
    8. Stand on the Hoover Dam and say out loud with wonder, "Dam!!!" and see the wonders of capitalism and competition.
    9. Try and see Garth Brooks show. I hear it is just him and a guitar, taking requests.
    10. I got nothing else, just needed a 10th point.

  2. Joseph is right on!
    The Grand Canyon is God's amazing work, and the Hoover Dam is man's amazing work - both are quite impressive. John wants to do the Grand Canyon Skywalk, but I can't even think about that! You definitely need to see a real Las Vegas production show.

  3. I can speak only to Scottsdale which I was just in days ago. My best advice ... wear breathable clothing and bring a mister fan (that's a fan that spritzes you with water ... not a male gender fan).


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