The Post About The VA Hospital

waiting in vain
My Dad had surgery for skin cancer yesterday. And he is fine.

Other than he missed his afternoon retiree nap.

My lunchtime trip to the VA Hospital for his outpatient procedure was full of teachable moments.

1. Parking Deck Rage.
I encountered 4 people who could not park well. Or drive at a reasonable speed. Or understand the directional arrows. However, if you have risked your life for this country, then thou shall not be judged for being a sucky driver.

2. Waiting Room Terror.
Discovery Health's Mystery Diagnosis was playing on a loop on the TV. Umm...how about we not choose a show that leads into every commercial break with "Will he/she survive?" People sitting in a waiting room are sometimes asking themselves the same question.

3. Mystery Diagnosis.
The conclusions to the episodes we saw were not really mysterious. If these doctors would just watch House, they could do their job a lot more efficiently.

4. Veteran Herding.
One nurse asked
"Are there any GI's not checked in?" I looked around to see if I was an extra in an Elvis movie.

5. Clean Bathrooms.
I've never seen a women's restroom so tidy or unused. This is one time when past discrimination against female soldiers pays off.

6. Waiting Room Games.
While waiting for my Dad to be called back, my mother suggested we play "Guess What War They Were In." We scanned the room, quietly guessing "Gulf War," "World War II" etc. Then this conversation commenced:

What war was I in?

(without hesitation) French Indian?

JAMIE! He was not in the French Indian War! (pause) It was the Hundred Years War. (second pause) The whole thing.



  1. Good Stuff!Glad your dad is okay.

  2. Glad to hear your dad's okay!

  3. Re #6 ... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!

    Thank you, Jamie. I have sweet tea all over my keyboard and monitor now. ;)

    Glad to hear everything went well!

  4. MH, K, TS, N: Thank you for your cyber happy wishes!

  5. S: She would adore you. And cook for you.

  6. Love the good natured teasing.

    My grandfather was honorably discharged from the army for a health condition. He was there long enough to qualify to be a patient of the VA hospital (my mother did some research and found this out well into his later years). He has been well taken care of there.

  7. j: I heart the VA in a huge way too for taking great care of my Dad!


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