The Post About In and Out but not Tasty

People Style Watch includes this style condemnation page:
People Style Watch In Out
I need to address this month's OUT category.

People Style Watch

1. Leaving Voicemail.
The wise editors advise folks will call you back when they see the missed call. Jamie won't. Truth be told, I probably won't call you back either way. TEXT POR FAVOR.

2. Boring Brunches.
How could any event that includes waffles and the planning guideline "after 11am" be boring?

3. Superplanned Vacations.
Umm...hows bout you ask my senior adult parents if superplanned isn't superfantastic?

4. Too Much Tech.
How will people know how desperate I am if they can't see my DVR smoking behind my laptop and iPhone?

5. 60's Vibe Music.
I just discovered Motown and Bob Dylan. Why would popularity try to take that from me?

Agree? Think I need a permanent seat at the outcast table?

{images: Jamie}


  1. i will definitely not call anybody back if it wasn't important enough to leave a voice mail. even then, maybe they should just try calling me again. or send me an email (sadly, i don't have unlimited texting). :)

  2. lms: I promise to email you if I need you :-)

  3. I just don't understand calling brunch boring. Are they supposed to be wild and crazy? Dancing on top of the cafe tables? Chugging OJ from carafes? If people find brunch boring, they can have me go in their place. Brunch is a meal I can solidly get behind.

  4. Honestly, I decide to call back missed calls based solely on how much I love them and want to talk to them.
    And brunch and Motown rock.

  5. S: I think the folks who wrote this are simply staying up all night for brunch the next day. So they are looking for some sort of amphetamine on the side of their omelet.

    K: I also make love assessments regarding callers. Even whether to answer or not...

  6. I'll be sitting w/ you at the OUT table! Defs! I live for brunch! I guess I could just call it Mimosa Meal-- that'd make it cooler, right?

  7. wbfs: It might not make it cooler, but it would make it more interesting.


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