The Post About Hiding Friends on Facebook


Love it and love my diverse array of Facebook friends. I'm so moved by some of those friends that I hide them in my heart.

Or maybe I just hide them.

Let me give you an example. This is my friend
There are several reasons why I might hide Joseph from my news feed based on this sample status.

1. He attacked the innocent and lovely Peyton Manning. I'm his future second wife, so he best be kind.
2. He misspelled "just." Come on, English major - live up to your potential.
3. I already follow him on Twitter and this is the original source of this discouraging word. No need for repeats.

However, Joseph is hilarious.

So no hiding.

following Joseph on Twitter for your own full effect.

But there are other valid reasons to hide "friends."

1. Potty mouth.

2. Political potty mouth.

3. Quiz junkie.


5. Lovesick.

6. Sideways photo poster.

7. Curmudgeon.

8. Tennessee fan.

Why would you hide someone on Facebook?


  1. And you tolerate LSU fans? (hey, Allison) Go Vols! At least it's last on your list!

  2. I have hidden some of my friends who consistently overshare about the health of their children. In general, I do not need to know if their kid is vomiting, pooping, not pooping, etc, and I doubt anyone else really needs or wants to know either.

  3. D: Blame my father. He's very specific about his distaste for TN. Plus, you aren't hidden - promise!

    B: Kudos. TMI should be #9.

  4. Wha? What? You don't want to know if the poop makes it in the potty? Thought everybody wanted to know....(scratching head). LOL! Hide me if you must. :)

  5. I only have one criteria for clicking "hide": annoying.

  6. 1. It's a tweet. Not a freaking dissertation. Misspeling is OK. Besides one of the benefits of being an English major is lisince to intentionally misspell words I am not quite sure how to spell in the first place. Example: Necessary. I spell it different every time. If there is not spell check I don't worry about. Because it not a freaking dissertation.
    2. I would hide a lot of people but cannot figure out how. Political potty mouth doesn't really bother me. There are lines of course. I don't want Obama, Pelosi, Reid dead. But I would not mind a bit if they were unemployed.
    3. If you hide them why not go ahead and de-friend them.

  7. I hide people that use graphic language, not because I am a prude, but I don't want my kids to accidentally see my page with a trashy friend describing her latest sexploit. I also hide people that a rabidly pushy about politics or anything else. I don't unfriend them, because this is easier, especially since they don't know I hide them.

  8. Girl, I LOL'd at number 8. I think I've defriended people who fit number 8. ;)

  9. M: You're too sweet to hide.

    C: So you hide yourself sometimes?

    J: I like that you misspelled words in that comment.

    a: I'm going to need to start using the word "sexploit." I also agree with the hiding versus defriending.

    N: Kindred spirits.

  10. Family. Every last one of them. I don't need more ammunition against them.

  11. Why would you be friends with a Tennessee fan in the first place? I'm sure you've seen this, but just to make sure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt2BAfhUHX0

  12. S: Ahhh... You're quite bold in your hiding. I like it.

    K: I just watched this. "Puke orange like inside a pumpkin. And I don't like pumpkins." I may have spit on my screen.

  13. That's quite a formula you have there... so I guess the most hidable person on earth would be a POTTY MOUTH, CURMUDGEON, LOVESICK TENNESSEE FAN.

    (Wow it hurt to even write that much in all caps.)

  14. R: I think I already hide that very person.


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