The Post About South by Southwest Part 3

My godson Billy has seen the movie Cars approximately 3 times. Plus 109.

In honor of his 6-year-old self, we took a detour onto Route 66.

DSC_6310 copy
I'm going to shoot straight with you. It was a detour we could have skipped, despite the nostalgia.

Next up, was the Hoover Dam.

It really was a sight to see, although it required a vehicle pat-down before entering. Apparently several of our larger states get all their power from this tourist trap.

DSC_6327 copy
The best part was finding out how many ways you can incorporate
"dam" into a sentence without getting a PG rating.


1. Dam tour.

2. Dam pictures.

3. Dam security.

4. Dam parking deck.

5. Hot dam.

What did we miss?

DSC_6334 copy
Fun Fact: Boulder City, formerly the town where dam workers were housed, still does not allow gambling within town limits, a regulation imposed in the 1930s. Boulder City is the only town in Nevada to prohibit gambling.

So we did not linger.

DSC_6380 copy
Final stop.

And the source of my mother's spiral into debauchery.

For at least a second.

{images: Jamie}


  1. Dam traffic...we used that one a lot as we waited for literally HOURS to get across that dam dam.... :)

  2. L: You are right about the dam cars that slowed everything up. Thank you for that dam comment.


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