The Post About Missing Blogger Report

Umm... Where have I been?

I've never been gone this long without forcing some of my life on you?

For those who might have missed me - my apologies. I have returned from the brink.

I think I might feel better if I could blame it on traveling the globe or some minor drama or winning a pageant.

By the way, how great would winning a pageant be? At almost-35 with a muffin top that won't quit. I could be
Miss Otis Spunkmeyer. Or Ms.

By the way, how much do I hate that I can't be a "Miss" anymore? Why is etiquette advertising my marital status? But not in a sassy way like thirty, flirty, and thriving. Where's that title?

See, I still chase rabbits.

Here's a quick glimpse into the mundane slices of my life that have kept me from you.

Oak Island - Lay Lake, AL
1. Work Travel:
Each fall, we pick a cozy place and plan and plot how to best serve families and children. It's much easier to do this with a veranda.

Prayer Rocks copy
2. 40 Days of Prayer:
More planning & plotting. But this is with God. Our church is hunkering down and practicing 2 Chronicles 7:14. This was an exercise in praying a "little boulder." You guessed it. The ministers at my church are dorks.

Birthday Cake Pops Collage
3. Baking for Toddlers:
Not very riveting, but birthdays require cake pops, no? Minnie Mouse and Dora were satisfied customers.

Halloween Collage
4. Halloween:
I embrace this holiday for the fun of it. Collage includes my homemade Deviled Egg costume; my godson and pastor as Vader and his archnemesis, Lil' Vader; and then there's my godbaby daddy, Joseph. He is Yukon Cornelius. Or a pasty Chilean miner. Bonus points for knowing where Yukon came from...

5. Jury Duty:
Tomorrow's story. I promise, it needs its own post.

{images: Jamie}


  1. I love your costume, it's so original! lol

  2. LOL!!! A deviled egg ... you're too cute, Jamie! :D

  3. L: You're too kind!

    N: Children tried to eat my egg, so I might have been TOO cute.

  4. Deviled Egg?!?! That is brilliant! I'm totally stealing that next year!

  5. A: We are community. Therefore, no stealing - only sharing. Let us now sing Kum Bah Ya.

  6. Yukon Cornelius! That is the most awesome costume I've seen this year....second only to your even more awesome Deviled Egg costume! HAHA! (He's from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", of course!)

  7. Hey and the beard is real people. Nothing fake there. Except the color. And not many of you can judge me for that.

  8. Seriously? That beard is real? Impressive. Anyway, thanks for coming back. I missed. I love your costume and creative costumed people in general. And I love your hair too. It's perfection.

  9. R: Good call on the obscure claymation reference!

    J: At least the color I put on my hair is found somewhere in nature.

    S: What niceness from someone who gets limited sleep!?!?

  10. Yukon Cornelius is from Rudolph! :-) I totally recognized him too...even without you saying his name! :-)

  11. 1. Deviled Egg was perfect. Kudos to whomever talked you into that.

    2. From the date of this post, it appears you've gone missing again.


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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