The Post About a Less Than Font

Day 42 - Drowning in a Paper Sea

Transcript of work email regarding an event invitation being sent to prospective participants.

Coworker A to Coworker B: I love that you changed the font on this letter. I'm guessing in response to Jamie's reply that she would not attend the group because the font was in Times New Roman.

My Reply: We all know that Serif fonts incite anarchy.

Learn more about my obsession with fonts.

{image: margolove}


  1. Grotesque!
    (How does one change the font in a comment?)

  2. I think you would like this article...

  3. Ahahaha!!!
    I so agree Jamie, TNR is despicable. Blaaagh! I mentioned my hatred of serif fonts during our Newsletter project & was assigned to "team Jamie" with our similar passions. Its not as much of a passion as it is taking up a "cause" for mankind, & conquering injustice in the world. I'm thinking of launching my battle with MS & Apple & their entire programing department for, the "Open New Document" default to Times font. yuck.

  4. D: I wish you could...

    TS: Loved it!

    JH: Yay for team Jamie & Jenn!


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