The Post About The Least Sexy Bustier

My co-worker, in her 2nd trimester, discovered this delightful nugget while browsing for her baby registry.

It's the Medela Easy Expression Bustier which can be purchased in various sizes for only $33.99 at Toys R Us.


Let's review my primary concerns:
1. I understand wanting to dial up a friend and catch up after you've spent most of your days focused on things like tummy time. But must you multitask in this way? To my mommy friends who might find themselves in this scenario - when I call and ask "What are you doing?" please consider it a rhetorical question.

2. Notice she has pumped equal amounts of milk in each bottle. Most women don't have symmetrical breasts, so I find this visual proposal difficult to swallow. Pun intended.

3. This DOES prove my assertion that breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight. Look at her abs. However, you probably have to wear this all day to get those types of results.

And to answer your question...yes, it's now my gift of choice for all expectant moms. 

And for friends of child-bearing age who are struggling to lose that last 10.

{image: Toys R Us}

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