The Post About Why a Blackberry and iPhone Can't Be Friends

L1030954Text conversation with my friend Caryann after 11pm one night this week. It began when I heard the cheesiest song ever on the radio. I wanted to blame her since she works for a record label. 

The song and artist names have been changed to protect the non-enemy of the Cross.

Me: "Name of song" by "John Doe" is worst Christian song ever. That includes all of Stryper's catalog.

Caryann: That's a bold statement. You haven't heard all of "John Doe's" songs.

Me: Touché.

Caryann: Ummm...what? 

Me: Sound it out. You can do it.

Caryann: I don't know what you mean?

Me: Touché is a COMMON term meaning "good point." It was a compliment you loser.

Caryann: If you mean touche, I've never seen it written that way. I didn't know.

Me: It's French. And you just wrote it the exact same way without an accent mark. Do I need to call 911? Are you seeing spots?

Caryann: Well that explains why I couldn't figure out what you meant. It says the word "touch" with a period & then a question mark.

Me: Your Blackberry is stupid. And racist. Viva la iPhone.

Me: P.S. This is going in the blog. 

Caryann was kind enough to post the following on Twitter in the middle of this conversation:  

texts from a friend making no sense. I can't tell her if it's that her iPhone auto-correct strikes again, or she's a wee bit tipsy. 

Mom - I was not tipsy. 

{image: penmanila}


  1. Plus, I bet SHE can't play Words with Friends with you.
    Geesh. Blackberries are so useless. ;)

  2. R: Exactly. What's the point if you can't have that and Instagram?

  3. Blackberry could never do a mullet ... they are work and no play ...


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