The Post About When Jan Wrote a Book

I Heart Mom

I wore this shirt today. 

The first photo I took was while wearing it, but it lays quite differently. And I'm trying to keep this blog SFW (suitable for work).

Whether plumped up or flat, the shirt is not a lie. I do love my Mom. One of the biggest reasons lies in the pages of this book:
DSC_9831 copy
Are you someone who ponders the perfect Mother's Day gift for months and months?

Me neither. 

One year, I found myself having failed the pondering yet again and needing to snag something on the way to see my mom. This led to a drug store which led to the above book. 

The tchotchke of books.

DSC_9834 copy
It's one of those Hallmark-ish journals with 200 questions for a mother to answer about every moment she's ever experienced. It's essentially work.

My mom received it as she has received every gift she's ever been given...with gushing and flourishing and bear hugging.

And then 2.5 years passed and she regifted it.

To me.

DSC_9835 copy

It was filled to the brim with the minutes of a life well-lived. Moments that were powerful and poignant and reminded me that Jan Golden is a person.

A pretty phenomenal person.

DSC_9837 copy

She included advice worthy of a second and third read.

DSC_9829 copy

There's the Macaroni and Cheese that will solve your problems. Or at least induce the carbohydrate coma to help you forget said problems.

DSC_9841 copy

She even made it about me since she knows how much I like that. I choose to ignore the fact that the pictures jump from 18 months to 18. Second born syndrome.

DSC_9845 copy

She even added little scraps that speak some crazy truth.

Dear Mom,

You're the bee's knees.

Your Favorite (although pictures don't support that claim.)

{images: Jamie}


  1. Jamie: Thanks so much for the accolades in this blog post. They are so well deserved! All kidding aside, it's easy to be a good mom to the good children, especially my daugher, that I was blessed with. Sorry about the lack of pix, baby book and Olan Mills contract. Love ya, Mom


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