The Post About Moo MiniCards

A package arrived yesterday from Moo.

Moo Card Collage
I first discovered Moo when Plain Chicken spotted me her own mini-moo card at an event. I was hooked.

Sidebar: You should read Plain Chicken's blog. She loves to cook and bake and does it so well. She also loves Auburn football, but don't let that affect your interest. I recently made her Chicken Parmesan Crescents which were divine. And easy for someone like me who doesn't actually cook.

Moo Cards
I knew I needed a personal business card instead of continuing the practice of writing my Twitter handle on the backs of people's hands with eyeliner. Even when they didn't ask.

I finally took the leap when I saw a pic of Tyler Tarver's mini-moos posted on his Instagram.

Sidebar: Are you reading Tyler Tarver? He's a nice mix of educator and humorist and and nut job. His recent post on How to Get Women to Date You should be required reading. Do not delay in subscribing to his blog. Or his Twitter feed. Winning on both counts.

Moo Cards
Aren't my new moos adorable? You're right - they are.

It was inexpensive - 100 for $19.95. I loaded up the backs of the cards directly from my Flickr account and designed them myself. But you could also use any number of templates.

Bonus? Ordered on Friday and they arrived on Tuesday.

Bonus Bonus? They included a free 15% off coupon code for your first order. #2RB2CK

Moo Discount 

Sidebar: Moo didn't ask me to say nice things about them, I just thought I would. I also didn't get the cards at a discount or for free. I used actual Starbucks budget money to buy them.

{Photos: Jamie}


  1. I love your Moo cards!  That's the kind I have too.  The only thing I didn't like about them is they only had about 6 fonts to choose from, so I tried to pick the least offensive.  HAHA!

  2. Font choice is so crucial - as you know. I just went sans serif and hoped for the best.

  3. I just looked mine up....it's "Avant garde".  Sans serif isn't even listed as an option for mine.

  4. See how I went all font diva on you? "Sans serif" means the font doesn't have the little "serifs" at the end of strokes. Like the evil Times New Roman. I think I used Rounded...

  5. Haha, now I feel really stupid.  I'm such a font novice, but I am learning.  ;)

  6. Is that a pile of cheese cubes? Niiice!

    MOO minis are such a hoot. I had lotsa fun designing mine.

  7. I wanted pictures that best represented me.

  8. Jamey the guy versionJune 9, 2011 at 2:50 PM

    So, when handing out your new Moo cards... will you flip them over to choose what image that person gets?

  9. Absolutely - right? That's why I think they're ideal for designers or caterers or photographers. Or ADD bloggers.


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