The Post About $40 Amazon Giveaway for Bloggers

I really like blogs. And bloggers. And blogging.

And Cheez-its.

Since it's my 3rd blogiversary, let's celebrate those who churn out post after post about anything and everything. Those who write about cooking or being a cop or how to write or people who live in catalogs or understanding women or taking pictures or reading the Bible or fixing up your house or even those who blog about blogging.


How to Enter:
If you're a blogger - share your blog name, a link and something about it. Your "something" can be why you write, what it's about, etc. 
If you're not a blogger - share the name and link of one of your blog favorites. 
The catch?  
The writer of the blog mentioned in the randomly chosen comment wins the prize. So non-bloggers, here's your chance to show some love! 
And bloggers - you can be mentioned more than once so don't be afraid to sell out.

Important Details: Open to anyone in the US or Canada. Must enter before 11:59pm CST on Monday, August 1 to qualify. Winner will be chosen randomly using Research Randomizer and announced next week. Obviously, anonymous folks can't win unless they leave a name in the comment. 

Meanwhile...We have a winner for the Target Giveaway!
$40 Target Winner: #88 = Ahellen - "My tip: keep the computer in a family common room where they don't have too much privacy so that you can keep an eye on them from time to time.  Also don't try to keep them from it but encourage them to use it, just inform them of the dangers of it and try to set up parental controls if it allows you to set settings. Social networking has its advantages and benefits and if you tell a kid they cannot do something, they will find a way to do it - haha so just let them but do it in a safe way."

Congrats Ahellen! Email me at jamiesrabbits@gmail.com to collect your bounty!

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