The Post About 6 Pens That Could Rock Your World

"Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life."  Anonymous

Truthfully, my day job is quite lovely. A nice blend of good people, good work and free coffee. Notice the missing "good."

Plus, my fascination with office supplies is well served by my roles as organizer and planner.

But I face an obstacle. I hold my pen wonky. 

Clearly I was not paying attention in kindergarten. That may have something to do with the "hearing problem" diagnosed by my teacher. Yes, your suspicions are correct. ADD.

So in order to write, I needed unique utensils. The thicker the pencil or ink, the better.

You might assume as I got older I would have tried to relearn. But I'm southern and Baptist. Those two don't bode well for changin'.

Therefore, I can be a diva about pens. I like what I like and here's what I like:
Pen Collage

1. Bic Twisty: This work pen may be at my house which is not ideal for marketing to the outside of my house. However, it's a classic ball point that's perfect for quick notes.
2. Bic Atlantis: The only other ball pen I'll consider. Endorsed by Bryan Allain.
3. Pentel Energel: I despise capped pens. My "hearing problem" causes me to forget the ever-important re-cap. But this pen is an exception.

Pen Collage

4. Pilot G-2: Do we all love this pen? We must. I do prefer 0.7 or higher flowing from its veins.
5. Pilot B2P: This is the G-2, but all green and stuff. Same guts, but the outside is made from a recycled bottle. A pen addiction is suddenly in the Bible.
6. Pilot Vball: One more capped exception for this roller ball dream weaver. I should own stock in Pilot.

So...what office supplies are your must-haves? Which pens do you adore? Or do you care about things more important than this?

{images: Jamie}


  1. JAMIE!!! I hold my pen the EXACT same way!! Love it! I must try some of these pens!

  2. I hold my pen odd also. My right ring finger is almost flat on one side from so many years of holding my pen or pencil funny. I am a pen snob. I will almost only use the Big Re-Action Ball pen. I can't find them in stores any more only the gel ones and they run out much faster so I ordered a box of them from Amazon. Now I'm set for a good few years. They are thicker than normal pens and cushioned so much more comfortable.

  3. I knew we were kindred spirits. Even in defect.

  4. We need to start a support group. My ring finger has recovered greatly as keyboards and smartphones have become so entwined in my life. Need to check out the Big Re-Action!

  5. I have noticed the side of my ring finger isn't as flattened anymore since I don't write w/ a pen as much. If I make it to another Alabama Blogger lunch & you are there I'll bring you a couple of.my fave pens. :)

  6. I'd be willing to bribe you with pennage to see your face again!

  7. Ahhh. A fellow Pen Slut! Yet one more thing we have in common.  ;)

  8. The awesome continues. Before you know it, I'll make you be a bridesmaid in my pretend wedding.

  9. I am so relieved that you use the G2 07! That is my all time fav. We can still be friends. I think people who use the 03 are weird.

  10. I use #4 at school nonstop.  LOVE THEM!  

  11. I like those really inky ones - the ones that WORK no matter what surface you're writing on. I'm a huge fan of office supplies. Reminds me of "You've Got Mail" when he wants to send her a "bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." :-)

  12. I will not pretend that I haven't ended friendships over something as small as a writing utensil.

  13. Ahhh...Tom Hanks is so snazzy in that flick. Office supplies lend an air of organization. At least I hope my 28 colors of post-it notes do.

  14. I am SUCH a pen geek.  It took me 25 years to find the PERFECT pen - beautiful, thick lines that never skipped and never felt grainy when writing - it was the Pilot Permaball. 

    (Perfect except for the name, obviously. Try saying "Permaball" five times without laughing.)

    Then they quit making it. 


    Pilot is a bunch of idiots.

  15. My apologies for your loss. Attn Pilot: Please do not question my love for you based on Rachel's comment. We are not affiliated in any way.

    Except on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and in real life on occasion.

  16. I don't think you hold your pen wonky. Everyone else holds theirs wonky.

    And I do share in the pen snobbery and love most of the pens on your list. My only ballpoint pen is the Atlantis, and I have a rainbow of G2 colors in the 0.7mm size.

    I can't stand the bold 1.4mm size; it feels like writing with a marker.

  17. Ink flow is such a fine science. I'm glad to know we are on the same page about this...

  18. Meredith DavenportJuly 19, 2011 at 9:24 PM

    Oh ... I've been in a lifelong love affair with office supplies since my P205 Mechanical Pencil and Click Eraser brought my childhood love of math to life.  If I lived in the fantasy world of "You've Got Mail" ... Joe Fox would have won my heart when he said that fall made him want to buy [me] a bouquet of sharpened pencils.  (Well, except for the fact that no self-respecting mathematician would ever use a wooden pencil.) 

    How have I not at least snagged me a pocket-protecting, pencil pusher yet???  I can't imagine.

  19. We need to start the search - your Joe F-O-X is out there.


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