The Post About Independence Day in Review

I'm usually not a fan of the blog recap. 

Particularly when they might make me jealous. I doubt that will be your experience here, so let's review, shall we?

DSC_0107 copy
My church throws a big God & Country shindig which is really a fair with fireworks and the Holy Spirit. This year we added a car show which had me thinking a hickie from Kenickie would have rounded out the evening nicely. 

2012: Kissing Booth for Jesus.

DSC_0186 copy
I ate a funnel cake.

DSC_0061 copy
And two bags of these.

DSC_0243 copy
With a side of this.

DSC_0212 copy 
This generation...Generation Bieber...will always smile for a photo. Better yet, they will pose mid shot to help you get yours.

Since I live in Alabama, I'd like to show you how our event might be different from yours in California or Maryland.

DSC_0147 copy
"Insulated" mugs.

DSC_0159 copy 
Wearing the flag is a sign of respect.

DSC_0241 copy 
But sometimes your heart for SEC football trumps being a patriot.

My own Freedom Funness party was rained out so we had to be creative with the cooking. Since I don't really cook, the creativity started with making my friend Joseph lead the meaty charge.
Joseph "Grilling" Steaks
You should call him at 205-555-MEATROCKSTAR and have him whip up all your protein.

Hot Dogs on the Grill
My cooking contribution was an As Seen on TV EZ Disposable Grill on the front porch. I mentioned on Twitter that Yankee Candle needs to consider a WienersontheGrill scent.

If Bath and Body went that route, I'd be planning a Fall wedding. Yesterday.

Berry Trifle in a Jar 
Since baking is my claim to mediocrity, we had berry trifles in a jar for each guest. You're right, they are fetching.

So how did you celebrate the 4th? Or better yet, what would make your patriotic good times different from mine?

{images: Jamie}


  1. Fetching indeed! :-) You cracked me up with the weinersonagrill candle scent! :-) My 4th differed from yours in that I spent it with one friend and a dog up in the mountains hiking and watching people sled on snow in July. :-) And I didn't wear a flag shirt. Or eat yummy funnel cakes. And that is truly sad.

  2. Good call on skipping the flag shirt and you really earned all the funnel you could eat by hiking. Does it count if I watched Man vs. Wild? My heart rate increased...

  3. This doesn't answer any of your questions, but I think the idea of "generation Beiber" always smiling for photographs is fascinating. I would love to see some posts about that. What will it mean for the future of our country?!

  4. Great pics! Looks like a great weekend. I celebrated by injuring my right middle finger playing volleyball. I could share a picture, but some might view it as obscene.

  5. I just added that blog idea to my Evernote. My niece will be the centerpiece of the post.

  6. "Birdie" finger injuries always make me giggle. I'm Southern Baptist.


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