The Post About Rabbits I Chased This Week

A few moments from the past week.

None of those 215 campers and staff were listening to me. I know it.

My agency hosted an Independent Living Conference for teens in foster care. Keynote speaker, Eric Anderson, taught them how to swallow fire. Surefire résumé booster. Surefire...get it.

My e-book on writing is already scheduled for publishing.

I attended a seminar, Working with Adolescents, which included this slide on the hormone issues faced by teenagers.

It confirmed my theory that my dominant personality is a 14-year-old girl.

{images: Allison Peatross, Jamie}


  1. I had to LOL at your pun!  It's *totally* something my husband would say . . . and, sadly, is becoming something I would say, too.  ;-)

  2. I don't know what you're talking about! Those 215 campers look, umm, riveted. ;-)

  3. They were only riveted when there was paparazzi on awards night. Divas.

  4. the only way to capture the attention of 215 campers is to use one of 3 words...

    1.  sex
    2.  poop
    3.  capturetheflag

  5. I may have said #2 more than necessary.

  6.  Fun! We're all 14 year old girls underneath, right?

  7. I think so. And guys seem to deal with it fairly well.


Don't be afraid if I chase your rabbit comment...

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