The Post About My Parents' Kryptonite

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These two are winsome and wise. Combined, they have more than 80 years in the workforce and 40 years as parents. They know a thing or two about almost everything.

It's not their first time at most rodeos.

However, like every great superhero, there is a vulnerability. An Achilles' heel that, if left unchecked, will eventually be their downfall.

The Internet.

Exhibit A Conversation:
Mom: I've opened a Facebook account so I can know what's going on with the family since that's how everyone seems to communicate. 
Me: Great! I bet you'll love it!
Mom: However, I've opened my account as your father, so look for a friend request from Charles Golden.
Me: Why didn't you create your own profile?
Mom: I just don't think it's safe on social media for a woman by herself.

Exhibit B Conversation:
While showing him funny things on the web via my iPhone...
Dad: (chuckling to himself) I saw a link for a hilarious vacation message used on someone's work email.
Me: Really! How fun! What did it say?
Dad: I don't remember.
Me: That was an amazing story Dad. You should tell that at parties.
Dad: (grumpy face) Well, I thought you could look it up on that piece of junk phone of yours.
Me: My bad.

What's your kryptonite? Is there anything you try, but can't seem to master?

I'll confess first in the comments.

{image: Jamie}

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