The Post About Pausing For Life Outside of the Internet

My Twitter friends Burrill and Kristen nudged. 

Rabbit Sidebar: Burrill is a crazy great photographer, particularly when it comes to sports. Please join me in staring at his blog. Kristen is my musical twisted sister. Every Monday I tap my fingers waiting for the email indicating a new Monday Playlist has been posted to her blog. Subscribe and you'll tap too.

Unlike the Freakout Flatline of 2010, my most recent blogging disappearance has simply been the case of me living life. Outside of the Internet.

At first I was all sad and sloppy and itching to be with you here in this small space of chasing rabbits. And then I found myself in Hobby Lobby. Where Jesus and decorative pillows meet. 

One knickknacky frame read: Nothing is worth more than this day. Goethe.
  • Could God be speaking to me in this religiously-infused retailer? 
  • Am I living a life worth blogging and tweeting about? 
  • Is this insightful moment making me emotional or is it the 10 aisles of Christmas decorations in October?
Questions for the ages.

I decided to answer "yes" to all three. A quick glimpse at how I tried practicing what He was preaching.

Halloween Sweets CollageHobbies should be embraced. Then shared with those who struggle with a possible sugar addiction. 

I'm not your sponsor.

Camp Life Collage
I spent time with 14 and 15-year-olds in the foster care system whose futures are actually quite bleak.

They wrecked me.

I spent time with an 8-year-old whose future is bright simply because she is surrounded by people who think she hung the moon.

She wrecks me.

Planning CollageThe blogging break wasn't without moments of great plotting and planning.

Some involved fixing the child and family welfare system. Some involved combining my birth and THE MOST PHENOMENAL GAME THAT WILL EVER BE.

You're invited to be a part of both.

Roll Tide.

Lay Lake SunsetMost importantly...I was present for this.

Now back to balancing living life and hugging this small space of chasing rabbits that I quite like.

What about you? How do you balance it all?

{images: Jamie}

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