The Post About Random Rabbits

I want to write a thoughtful post about relationships or the struggle of navigating the day to day life. 

But this isn't really that blog.

So let's chase some rabbits.

They tease with their pretty faces and their falling gingerly on weekend afternoons. Then you suddenly return to reality and realize what's happened. 

Your yard is CRAP FULL OF LEAVES. 

Nature is overrated.

Birthday Gift
My mom bought me this canvas bag. She said it combined my love for my first initial and my name. She said it was a "wonderful and personal" gift.

She insisted I write that.

She did not insist I tell you she got it free from Vista Print.

Poor Planning
This is the caption I posted on this Instagram pic: "Specs and a ginormous hand. The former is because I'm amazing at ordering right contacts, but not left. The latter is just because."

However, I've had more than one coworker tell me I look more intelligent in glasses and should continue to wear them. 

Is it paranoid to think there have been secret meetings with an agenda including how to replace the numbskull marketing director? 

I failed to highlight one of the biggest accomplishments of my entire life - being named a Resident of Awesometown on Knox McCoy's site. I've already mentioned why I adore Mr. McCoy and I assume you now stalk him as much as I do. 

My immigration into Awesometown featured the most ridiculous set of interview questions I've ever answered. 

And I worked at Payless Shoes.    

So scurry to read my responses. Here's a sample of the hard hitting inquiries:
  • If you could crystallize your life mantra into a pithy statement, what would that be?
  • Favorite fictional character?
  • Who is the Frank Sinatra of our generation?
  • In 5 years, time travel will not only be possible, but it will be commercialized. As such, you are invited to participate in the Laser Tag Championship of All-Time, which is no doubt sponsored by ESPN and Geico. Spanning recorded history, name the 3 people you would select for your team and why?
  • A song featured in the movie Juno by The Moldy Peaches contains the following lyric: “I want more fans / you want more stage.” If you were a musician, which would you prefer? More fans, which speaks to your popularity or more stage, which speaks to your superior skill level as a musician?
{images: Jamie}

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