The Post About Why Introverts Didn't Think I Was Adorable

I recently had a cake pop consultation with a delightful girl who is turning 8 years old this month.

Her mother sat nearby prompting her to answer my inquiries about favorite colors, design preferences, and ideas for birthday tags. 

However, Ila was having none of it. She demured, avoided eye contact, and spoke a silent language to her mom pleading for rescue from this encounter.

You see, Ila is an introvert. And I am not.

And Ila sensed she was in the midst of a battle. She seemed to think I was trying to convert her. It was if she was staring out the window watching the Jehovah's Witness pull in the driveway. To speak words out loud to me would be the same as opening the front door with a pitcher of sweet tea and inviting me in.

And she wouldn't be wrong. 

I'm a recovering extrovert converter.

Here's the mythical basis of my conversion theology and the realities that forced me to put down the evangicube.

Myth: Introverts are shy.
Reality: Maybe, but maybe not. It could just be they are not particularly fond of me. 

Myth: Introverts don't like small talk.
Reality: It may be they don't necessarily like small talk about actors named "Matt" and why people drive slow in the left lane.

Myth: Introverts are weird.
Reality: There's a black pot on the stove and a plank in my eye.

I'm now an educated extrovert. So no more trying to turn the introvert or heal them from their alleged affliction. Introverts, you are welcome here. There is no condemnation in Christ.

There is also no condemnation in not dancing on the table with me.

As for Ila...This is how she "said" thank you at the end of our cake pop meeting.

She ignored that door bell and The Watchtower magazine tucked in the screen door and went about her way. 

{image: Jamie}

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