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Last month I shared 10 things from the book The Experts' Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do that I don't actually know how to do.

There are approximately 57 more. Let's review another 10.
  1. Send a thoughtful thank-you note. I'm facing some obstacles. First, I've not owned a stamp in 2 years. Second, I had my Dad replace my mailbox with one twice its size so I'd only have to go to it once a week. Mail is not my forte. But I send STUPENDOUS text messages. Leave your cell # in the comments and let me wow you.
  2. Make a bed. Apparently you're supposed to have things like a mattress pad, blanket, and flat sheet. If that's true, then why did God make duvets?
  3. Ace a job interview. If an interview could take 4-6 months, then I could do this. I'm really more of an acquired taste.
  4. Whip up a great dinner with five items in your fridge. Honestly, I just checked my fridge and the contents are as follows: condiments, unsalted butter, hummus, 5 types of cheese and 7 types of drinks. Discuss.
  5. Create a budget. The creating is easy peasy. It's the not moving money from the fuel or utilities or mortgage envelope to the music or coffee or chewy sweet-tart envelope.
  6. Handle the police. I assume the police are right and can destroy me. So if I ever meet a dirty cop who's short, mustachioed, and beaten down by the system, then I'm still going to say "I'm sorry sir. Of course I will steal lunch money sir from school children sir and give it to you. Sir."
  7. Speak at least 2 common languages. I'd like to think "Southern" is a language. I can translate phrases like "Shoot, I reckon" and "Going 'round your elbow to get to your thumb." I also understand the complex nuances of "Bless her heart." 
  8. End a date politely without making promises. I always make promises and struggle to really end it. I'm fairly certain I'm still in a relationship with my senior prom date. Hi Brian.
  9. Dress for your body type. I prefer pretending I have a small chest, long legs and a neck.
  10. Understand Your Pet. What I understand is that a cat will steal your breath while you're sleeping and that a bird is plotting how to peck your eyes out while your ironing clothes.
Your turn. Do you excel where I do not? Or are we kindred spirits in our deficiencies? 

{image: Jamie}

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