The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v.105

Each week or so I post a readable or watchable and/or a listenable of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens after my recommendation. Ignore, embrace, debate. 

Earlier volumes of The Rabbit Recommends can be found here. 

Amazon and I have quite the toxic relationship. I buy books. It recommends more books. I buy them too. And all in "one-click." My apologies to my future children who will have to help mommy pay off her debt from that obsolete thing called a "Kindle." One recent rec was The Misanthrope's Guide to Life (Go Away!) by Meghan Rowland and Chris Turner-Neal. A "misanthrope" is defined for English-learners as "one who does not like people." Sadly, this sometimes applies to me, depending on how many items are in your buggy or how slow you're driving in the left lane. Meghan and Chris advise on how to manage all people interactions - parenting, work, holidays, romance, and of course, funerals. This guide is my favorite kind: sarcasm with page numbers. 

P.S. This book is a Kindle loaner so if you'd like to borrow it from yours truly for free, then email me at jamiesrabbits@gmail.com.

UPDATE: This delightful book is currently free on Kindle!

When it comes to TV comedy, it's hard to compete for my affection for shows like Community, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec. However, New Girl has won me over. The above clip is really what tugs at my heart each week: Schmidt. He is the most lovable "douche canoe" ever. Trust me, they can be lovable - I've dated a few. You can watch the last five episodes of New Girl on Hulu for free. 

When I find myself in the midst of a busy season with tasks and obligations and hairs out of place, I need the occasional 3-minute mental health break. And mental health breaks should always be "dance breaks." Here's my 4 current go-to songs from the psych professional - David Guetta:

David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On

David Guetta ft. Timbaland and Pitbull - Pass At Me

David Guetta ft. Usher - Without You

David Guetta ft. Jennifer Hudson - Night of Your Life

Recommending Disclaimer: I don't suggest anything because I get it free or because I have some sort of illicit relationship with Jeff Bezos or Rupert Murdoch. I save all of those questionable dealings for Cheez-it truck drivers.

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