The Post About Random Rabbits

Another post of the randomness deemed unworthy of a dedicated post.

1. Two hobbies: baking and photography. I'm mediocre at both so I'd like to focus and possibly turn one into something of substance. Unfortunately, my ADD has thrown out its "Mom Arm" and I'm not able to move forward in only one direction. 

So until I can get my diagnosis beaten down, I'll continue to dabble in both.

Picnik collage

'Tis the season for cake pops.

Maranda Austin Collage

And there are senior portraits. With a brother thrown in for Christmas card measure.

I took Maranda's photos in a swanky park in a swanky part of town across the street from a swanky house. Then I forced her to complete her outfit change in the backseat of a car.

Because I'm classy like that.

I was encouraged that she wasn't a complete professional at that task. 


Lil' Seeds Necklace

2. Christmas Shopping. I shared my parents' wish lists with you. 

Rabbit Sidebar: If you go back and read that post, you'll discover my mother's rebuttal in the comments which includes her REAL wish list. Southern mamas and their drama.

I struggle with shopping for Christmas gifts because I'm a descendant of Adam and Eve. Therefore, I tend to buy myself nice things that are on sale and make my nieces coasters out of felt.

This necklace is Exhibit A. I went shopping at a local market for jewelry for my sister-in-law and I found this vintage book necklace from Lil' Seeds

It can now be found around my neck.

3. S-M-R-T. Remember how I told you once about how I scored a 34 on my ACT?

Last week, I left my car running in my office's parking garage. FOR SIX HOURS.

4. Guest Post: Today I'm guest posting at Gray Hair and Acne with a post titled Cheez-its, Robert Pattinson, and Fighting Aging. I provide 5 solid tips for kicking Father Time in the shins.  

Thank you to Andi Cumbo for being such a lovely hostess. If you're a reader or a writer or somewhere in-between, then follow her on Twitter. You'll have no regrets.  

5. Winner.  
The lucky winner of the $50 Options Gift Card Giveaway is commenter #268 - Amanda Cook. She won for following AdoptUSKids on Facebook, but her response to the question about favorite family member is this:

One of my favorite family members is our cat, Fuzzy, because the kids love him SO much. And he lets them love on him, too. He is very patient with them, but he does keep them in line. He is the perfect cat for training them to love animals well.  

Furry people need love too. 

Congrats Amanda! Email me at jamiesrabbits@gmail.com to collect your bounty!

Now, Rabbit Reader, you say something. Random or otherwise.

{images: Jamie}

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