The Post About Thank You and You're Welcome

Heart. Candlelight.
Last week I invited you to a one-day Quasi-Wedding/Baby Shower to raise money for Children's Aid Society in Alabama. CAS advocates for children in great ways.

You RSVP'd in the loveliest way.

Thank you to following who gave of their wallets and/or valuable social media real estate to spread the word. 
  1. Katy McCay: The McKay Family Adventures
  2. Sarah McDonnell: Twitters
  3. Knox McCoy: Knox McCoy
  4. Robin Hill: Alabama Slacker Mama
  5. Erin Moon: Twitters
  6. Lindsay Goodall: Lindsay Goodall
  7. Haley Bragg: Haley Bragg Designs
  8. Micha McCallum: Cookin Mimi
  9. Jenn Fox: Twitters
  10. Katherine Hilton: Grass Stains
  11. Molly Graham: Twitters
  12. Melanie Erickson: A Day In The Life of Melly
  13. Ruth Tinsley: Bogue and Weejer
  14. Jaklyn Larsen: Life As I Pretend To Know It
  15. Beth Bryan: Unskinny Boppy
  16. Andi Cumbo: Andi Lit
  17. Roger Spires: Twitters
  18. Julie Shreve: The Esau Project
  19. Jennifer Hudson: A Thousand Tongues
  20. Keri Flowers: Journeys
  21. Dena Griswold: Twitters
  22. Keith Golden
  23. Kevin Callway
  24. Terra Mortensen
  25. Allison Peatross
  26. Jill Sexton
  27. Julie Scoggins
  28. Denise Buxton
  29. Charles & Jan Golden 

Learning moment: I directly messaged 23 of my closest friends and family members and asked them to make a donation. Three of them make an appearance on the above list. 

That's why I fancy you all so much.

Friends are not just the people you bump into at the post office. Family are not just the folks you bump into at the reunion.

Rabbit hugs for all.

And you thought I forgot about the Roku, didn't you? I did.

Congrats Sitzes! You're welcome. Email me at jamiesrabbits@gmail.com to collect your bounty. HIMYM is...wait for it...

Rabbit's Foot-Note: Another giveaway starts this week. It's killer. 

{image: Jamie}

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