The Post About Looking For Answers and Finding Jamie's Rabbits

People are looking for answers.

It's why the Bible is a best-selling book. It's why "google" is a verb.

It may even be why you're reading this blog.

Behind the Jamie's Rabbits curtain is data collecting wizards telling me what prompts folks like you to visit my corner of the web. Here's a sampler of this week's Google searches leading here: 
  • Oreo Brownie Cupcakes - Yep. They exist. And they are stupendous. 
  • I insulted my husband - Did you? So is he awesome otherwise? Is he now available? Because I'm on the prowl. 
  • Do facebook and twitter make worse or better literacy - We can probably all agree, that for this searcher, the answer is "They couldn't hurt." 
  • pregnancy test april fools - I considered it just last year. My readers forced me to think twice.  
  • what if you start lent late - God is patient and forgiving. However, those of us who have fasted from day one will judge you quite aggressively. Aren't you glad we're not God?
The #1 search that has led people to my blog for almost THREE YEARS is this:
No doubt these well intentioned readers are quite disappointed when they read The Post About The Beach Family Photo and Why It's Wrong.

I work at a family & child welfare nonprofit that also encounters those needing answers. Here's a few actual telephone inquiries?
  • I am having a surgery soon. Do you foster cats?  
  • We would like to adopt a child. Do you have some at your office we can visit with today?
  • Can I arrange for my kids to meet some of your clients so they won't be so spoiled? 
What question do you want answered?

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