The Post About Mary Poppins Trumping Neo

Yesterday, I wrote about some doubt and frustration I'm trudging through with God. I'm betting the comments will rock your face as they have rocked my face. 

Speaking of faces rocking...

March Madness.

My condolences to all of us who have seen our basketball brackets fall like pollen from dirty trees.

But there is still hope.

Mary Poppins, my representative in the March Movie Madness 2 competition at Educlaytion has advanced to Round 2. Thanks to you.

I promised last week to host another Rabbit giveaway in March if Ms. Poppins made it to the Sweet Sixteen. So please consider a click of support in Match-up #8 until Wednesday at noon.

This is not a bribe for your votes. This is a consequence of me winning things - happiness overflowing onto this blog.

Plus, my competition is Neo, being pimped out by Ricky Anderson. Yes, the same Ricky Anderson who beats me so badly at Words with Friends that I was forced to decree that whenever I lose by less than 50 points that it's actually me winning.

Help me beat him legitimately.

Rabbit Sidebar:  Bob Goff guest posted at Donald Miller's blog today with an excerpt from his upcoming book "Love Does" called "It's The Journey That Makes Coming Home Sweet." It was so magnificent that I pre-ordered the book. And I have never done that. Never ever.

Read it as a reward for helping Mary through to the next round.  

Comments Por Favor: I'd like you to tell me what movie is on your radar right now - whether it was made in 1980 or isn't even out yet. Mine is Hunger Games. Squee.

{image: Jamie}

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