The Post About April Showers and Junk

Let's recap this month in pictures, shall we?

April Cake Pops
Chickadees, Monkeys, Ninjas, and Betrothal Hearts make for a cake poppin' good time. Note: I only show you the ones that look good.

My dear friend Allison got married in Shreveport, LA. It was a divine Southern shindig so everything was monogrammed and included cheese.

Rabbit Sidebar: The highest rated restaurant in Shreveport on Yelp is Church's Chicken. Make a note to your traveling self.

Warm weather means ridiculous nails. I love it. If you want to be inspired, make sure to follow @xoxo_trina on Twitter. Her fingers always look divine.

When Goldfish are BOGO at Publix, I spend 9 minutes staring at the shelves. It was harder to choose a college major.

I had an IN-REAL-LIFE meet with blogger Andi Cumbo in Tuscaloosa. She flew down to continue research on her upcoming creative nonfiction book - You Will Not Be Forgotten - about the people who were enslaved on the plantation where she was raised. We sat by the river and I introduced her to fried pickles and white BBQ sauce. I assume her life is better now.

This song was gifted to me by Jessica from Meet The Buttrams. Listen here:

It's been the soundtrack of my life this month. More on that tomorrow.

So what about you? April - snazziest or dumbest month ever?

{Images: Jamie}

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