The Post About Winning At Twitter

First thing's first.

I know when you think of Twitter, you're probably thinking of one of the following:
1. What's Twitter?
2. Who has time for Twitter?
3. I'm on Twitter but I don't completely get what's so great about it.
4. Twitter is great and I know why.
5. I am obsessed with Twitter enough to move inside it if that was an option.

I fall gingerly between #4 and #5.

I've already written about Twitter High Fives and Down Lows, so here's how Twitter specifically benefited me in the past week:

1. I booked 3 cake pops gigs this week.

2. I was introduced to the music of Daniel Martin Moore. Swoon. He's delightfully folky.

3. This tweet I created for work was noted by a reporter and led to an interview for our agency.
4. I was reminded that tomorrow is even more special than normal.

5. I had this conversation.

How do you feel about the Twitters? Do we follow each other? I think we should.

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