The Post About Having a Little Work Done

Sometimes I think a small nip or a tiny tuck wouldn't be a big deal. Then I remember those Dove commercials. And my minor in women's studies. And Joan Rivers.

I'm back on a confident, wrinkly track.

However, Jamie's Rabbits was starting to show its age in a not-so-graceful way. It was time for a facelift. 

I need to thank the Internet for the new design.

For six months, I wandered around other blogs, made notes of things I fancied and began Googling how to recreate them here.

Blog designers deserve every penny we pay. Plus tips.

The Rabbits are still in outpatient "recovery" from the array of design procedures but hopefully you can already see the sags disappearing.

What about aging do you love? What do you love less?

{image: Jamie}

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