The Post About That Book Deal I Got or That Business I'm Starting

So I mentioned earlier this week about being MIA on the blog for a short season and I hinted at the cause.

I suggested 3 possible explanations which I will now address:

A. Finalizing my soon-to-be-shopped manuscript.
First of all, finalizing would indicate starting. Plus, what would I write about? I DO think I could churn out the following pamphlets:
**How To Succeed in Life When You Don't Realize Your Fridge Light Goes Out
**How "Buy-With-One-Click" Can Fill Your Life With Cardboard That You Will Need When You Can't Pay Your Mortgage
**How To Cook Without Any Skills (Birmingham Restaurant Guide)

B. Developing a business plan for my own baking business.
It's true, I do fancy the baking. It's a perfect blend of science and pretty. But what this absence explanation suggests is "business." And business requires money, spreadsheets, charts, and someone to clean the bathrooms. These are not my strengths. But I sure do like the pretty part. If I could just sell cake pops in the back of an already-established business...like Office Depot...that would be super.

C. Watching TV marathons on Roku and falling asleep on the loveseat.
Yep. During my brief staycation I discovered Sherlock, The IT Crowd and Arrested Development. I know...a little late on that last one. And for the record, if you came to my house, which you should, then you would understand the power of my loveseat. Swoon.

I also ran a camp, took some road trips, and generally lived a little. But that's enough of that.

Are you writing a book? Starting your own business? Watching something fabulous that I may not be? Share peeps. Share.

{images: Jamie}

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