The Post About Aging at the ABC Store

I've shared before that I have 3 life goals:
1. The world to be at peace.
2. Every foster child to live in a healthy, happy home.
3. Look younger than my chronological age.

I may spend more time on one more than the others as I practice carefully choreographed steps intended to ward off what the years would have me think is classic beauty or aging gracefully.


An enabling moment in this obsession was a recent trip to the ABC Store.

Rabbit Sidebar for My Mom: I was visiting the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control store to witness to strangers. I love you long time.

When it was time to check out, the cashier asked to see my ID. I didn't hesitate since it's standard practice. But then she looked at it...looked back up at me...looked back at it and furrowed her brow.

I lightheartedly asked "Is it my weight? Because I do actually weigh that amount...minus my legs."

Her narrowed eyes did not seem amused.

She called to the manager for assistance. With that, I began to get nervous. Just like when a police car pulls behind you at a traffic light and you start to second-guess whether your tag is expired or your seat belt is locked or you've forgotten about that body in your trunk.

The cashier whispered and pointed. The manager pointed and asked "Miss, what year were you born?"

I answered "1975?"

Then they simultaneously said "Humph."

The cashier then handed back my license and commented "You don't look that old. I thought it was fake."

I responded "Two things. Firstly, who would pick 1975 as their fake ID birthday? Come on. Secondly, we are now BFFs - deal with it."

Are you aging well? Do you try to punch Father Time in the face like he deserves?

{image: Jamie}

{Don't Forget: I'm giving away stuff.}

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